Our Specialties or Interests:

  • Partnerships or takeovers in select businesses
  • Financial capital for early-stage, high-potential startup companies and businesses
  • Business buyouts
  • Real estate
  • Energy-Solar sector

We entertain ventures where there is gain to be made for both sides involved. This makes us different: We are not seeking one-sided profit, leaving others in the dust. Our motto is "win-win." Whether a partnership, investment or buyout, all sides walk away with a handshake.

We are uncompromising in our determination to achieve quality and gain in that which we undertake. We are select in dealing with honest and ethical individuals and companies.

In partnerships we are selective in choosing our connections and are dedicated to forming lasting relationships with each of them.. This, we believe, is the underpinning of real success-long-term success and long-term success for those involved.

Our enterprise uses teamwork and respect in making decisions. We are respectful, professional and fair in all of our business interactions.

If you have any questions, ideas or needs, please contact us.